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Taxes update

The LRC will be switching over to a new point of sale register system which will introduce taxes.
(This will not affect any disposal fees)

The Landscape Recycling Center will be upgrading our point of sale (POS) register soon. This will provide customers a more detailed receipt, including detailed sales tax for product purchases only.  Tax will not be charge on the disposal of materials or other services.

Customers with charge accounts:

The triplicate receipt used in the past at LRC will be discontinued.  The new receipt will be a standard store receipt.  This will eliminate the printing of multiple receipts that we are currently passing to customers. 


Tax-exempt businesses or businesses purchasing products for resale should provide their tax-exempt certificate or a Certificate of Resale (CRT-61) as soon as possible.  This must be done prior to visiting our facility.  The attendant can't accept Tax-exempt request for purchases without documentation of tax-exempt status.

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